Cloud and Performance

Comprehensive Enterprise PC Management

Solved IT Disjoint on Different Domains

On-Cloud/On-Premise Desktop Management

Internal Ticketing System

Comprehensive Enterprise PC Management

for your Organization

Desktop Alerts & Surveys

Fed up of Emails

Comprehensive Enterprise PC Management

Comprehensive Enterprise PC Management

Monitor Application Usage

by organization, departments, individuals

Cloud Desktop Management

  • Host your MaxD solution on-cloud or on-premise upon request
  • No dependencies on Active Directory components (coexist AD nicely)
  • No Virtual Private Network (VPN) required.
  • Administer your organization remotely
  • Secure data from ransomware

Software Deployment

  • Deliver software of any size
  • Create software package MSI/MSU/MSP/EXE base software or custom scripts
  • Include registry changes, run batches, kill processes or force reboots

Desktop Alert System

  • Build custom multimedia alerts for employees throughout the organization
  • Deliver messages tailored for the whole organization, teams, or individuals
  • Design surveys and collect reports on employee responses to your alerts

Monitoring and Response

  • Monitor your network end-to-end, on-premise or out of the office
  • Stay at peak performance with reports on hardware and software health metrics
  • Automate ticket creation with conditional alerts

Help Desk

Resolve employees issues with an integrated ticketing system

Streamline collaboration and compliance with alerts

Achieve excellence with feedback from surveys and system reports


  • Configure desktops and servers from the Cloud
  • Connect without VPN. Audit software and discover assets
  • Manage software updates in the background, so end-users can continue to focus on their work


  • Deploy or update software without VPN
  • Write custom scripts to schedule and manage updates
  • Trust MaxD to deliver files with Smart Throttle Bandwidth

Administer and Configure

  • Securely manage day-to-day IT Administrative needs for all desktops in your organization, on-premise or off
  • Implement custom solutions on top of the MaxD platform to drive DevOps strategy or derive insight with more data
  • Control each layer of a desktop – from GUI to energy management
  • Configure local users and groups quickly and effectively
  • Implement security features from the end-points of your network to your core data
  • Introduction to MaxD Features: Policies Custom Script

Asset, Inventory, and Patch Management

  • Patch scanning and approval patch remediation
  • Discover and Store IT data from across your organization
  • View software installed in your organization
  • Software license compliance tool
  • Customize asset types and groups at the specifications most convenient for your business
  • Keep an inventory of your assets and track asset performance based on functionality, operational importance, and usage

Internal Ticketing

  • Customize fields to meet the needs of your testing and tracking processes
  • Link and collect related tickets to accelerate and coordinate response
  • Add any type of attachment files to ticket
  • Adjust priority of tickets and trigger alerts as issues are resolved
  • Ticket rules and ticket escalations to trigger alerts

Software Metering

  • Pull reports on software usage, from individuals to the entire organization
  • Configure data collection on software use to report as often as you need it
  • Discern when software usage begins and ends
  • Create black lists for software usage