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Total Protection Anti-RansomwareStops Ransomware before it shuts you downYou get to tell your boss you stopped Ransomware before it caused any serious damage and was resolved immediately.
Consolidate Active Directory without Active DirectoryBypass and circumvent outdated, undocumented and complex directory structure allowing for management and provide a safety net to make corrections to AD structure.Staff can make changes without fear of taking down a large part of the network.
Cloud Based ManagementMaintain control of network endpoints regardless of where they are anywhere in the world.You keep visibility and control of your remote and home office employees regardless of VPN access, working from home or the local coffee shop.
Software, Hardware InventoryRealtime inventory of hardware and software with built in sorting, filtering and reporting. This allows for deep and immediate insight into the organization.You know where to put your upgrade budget at a glance, filtering for outdated hardware and software. Games and other unauthorized software can be tagged and removed.
Software meteringIndividual and organization use of software over time with real-time graphs and reports.See how much time is being spent on Facebook, and by who.
Remote Computer Policies – Manage Important updatesKeep important security and operational updates current, without getting in the way of day to day work.Updates need to happen and now can happen without rebooting your computer in the middle of the morning.
Remote Computer Policies – Desktop ControlsStandardizes the end user desktop experience, software versions and icons are in the same place for everyone.Support staff has the same set of circumstances with the entire userbase, in a logical and predictable system. Users also have a familiar experience every time they get a new computer or their desktop replaced.
Remote Computer Policies – NIST ScanningGovernment and military standard compliance applied for everyday use, on demand. Being more restrictive than PCI or HIPAA compliance keeps your systems safe.In the event of any compliance audit, you have hard evidence of compliance. Also peace of mind.
Automated RemediationAutomatic remediation of compliance failures.A typical list of 180 failures is reduced to 40-50 where decisions can be made on the risk and impact of the remaining list.
Login Banner ExampleClearly explain the rules of logon to anyone.The end user has no excuse as to why they misused the system.
ReportsRealtime scanning and reports gives you immediate access to security and compliance. No need to dig through and manually test and cross connect results.