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In our current corporate environment, there are increasing threats from a myriad of players. Solution providers find themselves facing many challenges; data breach, password identity theft, application inscription issues, rouge apps security breach, etc.  Ransomware is becoming one of the many and larger evolving security threats now facing companies worldwide.

MaxD tackles ransomware with all its hidden complexities in a completely innovative way and process.  In essence; MaxD goes to the heart of a ransomware event, tracks encrypted file process and shuts down PCs before comprehensive contagion damage can occur.  This provides users with assurance and one of the industry’s most powerful ransomware tools available in the marketplace today..

Ransomware solutions are facing a unique problem. On the one hand, such solutions have become a necessity for all businesses big and small, on the other hand, explaining their benefit and workings to clients is a difficult.  All Ransomware events intended objectives are to breach from the application layer into the network to virally effect and shutdown the entire enterprise for ransom.  MaxD is designed to stop that process. Clients are poorly educated on the fundamentals of how to manage, monitor and think about potentially deadly ransomware events. They are wary of spending money on preventative measures or solutions that can’t guaranteed favorable outcomes or, worse yet, don’t  work.

The complexity of today’s offerings, makes understanding security a very difficult business. However, now security firms have no choice but to focus heavily on tackling ransomware’s ever expanding growth.

WannaCry Live Virus Test VS MaxD Anti Ransomware Overwatch